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Teddy & Stuffed Animal Repairs & Custom Restoration
Our patients range in age present day to 100+ years old.  We take care of each and every one of them like they are one of our own.
I have worked on Steiff, Merrythought, Hermann, Gund, Ideal, Ty, Boyd's Bears, to name a few...and all sorts of other bears and stuffed toys from all over the world.  

I specialize in dog mauling cases, major restorations and re-coverings.

To see a review from a satisfied customer you can go visit Spaulding and Teddy's blog at
http://spauldingtbear.bravejournal.com/entry/11935 and read about their stay at the teddy hospital.

Information on the process to admit your patient: Dr. Hanna provides Evaluation & Research  (whether the patient is here or you send in photos via email)  which includes a written estimate for your review.

Email or mail photos from the front and back, as well as close-ups of the patient. 


Please Note:  There is a $30 estimate fee due at the time of the estimate. Once the written estimate is approved the $30 is applied towards the total and a 50% deposit of the total invoice is required at the time of the scheduled surgery.  The balance is due prior to the discharge from the hospital.  If the estimate is not approved the $30 fee is non-refundable.  If the patient is here we will be charging a return shipping charge.  We have flat fees for most of our services, and we charge for materials for repair, labor,  plus return shipping.   Our rates are competitive and range from $200 up to $500+ depending on the type of surgery and the procedure involved.   In order to get a price quote please email Dr. Hanna will provide you with an estimate. 

Other Important Information:  Although we try to help every stuffed animal in need, we do not specialize in "Real Fur" covered animals made from Mink or Fox, Shearling, Alpaca, or sheepskin etc. or partially covered furred animals such as what we call "pajama bears" otherwise known as Thermal Bears by Eden Toys where they have pajama fabric as the body and fur paws and fur heads.  If you are not sure what your bear is made out of, please email Dr. Hanna and she will help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to environmental and health concerns please advise if your patient has been exposed to any of the following: attic, wet basement, fire damage, flood/hurricane/tornado, storage facility or long term storage, insects or mice, sun or heat exposure for extended periods and also pet exposure (especially Cats as Dr. Hanna is very allergic).  This is to insure that we prepare for  your stuffed animal's needs in the best way possible.

Dr. Hanna's Policy about abandoned goods: A very small number of people have sent her their teddy bears to be restored but failed to respond to any communication or pay for work carried out and never reclaimed their bears. She will therefore deem any bear, or other toy under these circumstances to have been abandoned 10 WEEKS after the first request for payment, when we reserve the right to claim the bear as our property. We really don't like the thought of doing this and it would only be as a very last resort when all else had failed.

Below is Duck Bear from Richardson, Texas. He was one of my original first customers here and He is my "web mascot"! He is loving his restored look and is smiling again!  He is only 6 inches tall.  He is a very sweet bear with a big heart!
 (Before his repairs)  (After his repairs) Duck Bear on his most recent trip to Hawaii!
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