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(Crime Scene Investigation)
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Medical Examiner : Teddy Doctor Hanna doctor_chart_md_wht
Perp:  Max (Dog Nephew) Mild Mannered Doberman by Day 10-18-04_1907_small  
............Dog Mauler by Night
Victim:  Stuffed Doggie 10-18-04_1909_small

Crime:  Dog Mauling with intent 10-18-04_1910_small
Dog Mauling Incident #1308
Medical Examiners Report:


doctor_chart_md_whtAt approximately 19:00 hours we found the victim and the perp lying on the floor.  Perp had smile on face and was showing no remorse.  Victim was blatently attacked in the head area.  Injuries sustained in head as ears were ripped off viciously.  Stuffing also protruded from crotch area of Stuffed Doggie.  Stuffing found all over the living room from the victim.  This victim had no chance of escaping the grips of Max, the 9 month old Doberman puppy.
Sentencing:Teddybears 241_small  
Max was sentenced to never receive another stuffed animal toy again!  He has been limited to chewy ropes, plastic squeeky toys, frisbees, tennis balls, and lots of exercise!
Here is a picture of the mild mannered Max my dog nephew who passed away recently in February 2016. He was a great dog and loved by his whole family. We are missing you but we know you are up in Doggy heaven having fun with all the stuffed toys up there!
Teddy Doctor Hanna recommends that ALL Stuffed Animals please stay away from your family dog! As you too can end up having the same fate as Stuffed Doggie.  If you do get attacked, do not worry, as Teddy Doctor Hanna can repair, restore, and rebuild you!  She is a miracle worker!  See her work on her Patient Photos page.  She has pumped life and stuffing back into many victims of the terrible mauling incidents reported all over the country and worldwide.  Trust her she will make you feel wonderful again!