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"Before" and "After" their Surgery

     HI Everyone! _tTeddybears 273_small Thank you for visiting my patient page!
Please come and check out my past patients before and after their surgery! I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed having them come for a visit!

Take a look at Spaulding and Teddy's Blog at http://spauldingtbear.bravejournal.com/entry/11935 and read their account of their stay at the teddy hospital under Dr. Hanna's care.
_tedpic_small pawbar NO JOB IS TOO BIG FOR THE TEDDY DOCTOR!
This is "Mr. Polar Bear".  He is a life size Polar Bear from the Rochester New York, Seneca Park Zoo.
He was in for a cleaning, new teeth and claws and some repairs to his paws.
polarbear.  wpe21414.JPG
This photo is when he was all wrapped up and ready for shipping...

Meet "Euphrates" our smallest patient to date!

_tc1037after 3" tall
He came in for a SPA treatment and his squeeker repaired.

This is Puppy. He came all the way from Jamaica and was brutally mauled on the beach by a dog. All hope was not lost as I was able to put him back together again and his owner is super happy!
Image 1Image
Image 3


This is George.  He had a run in with a German Shepherd puppy named Belle who had a glorious time chewing on him but George didn't like it so much!

c2792before.JPG c2792bef.JPG


Testimony from George's Mom:   "George just arrived on UPS  as scheduled at 4;30 pm.  We have been waiting for him all afternoon. I didn't leave the house I was so excited. We tracked him every day on his journey home.   He looks absolutely wonderful. You did a fantastic job, simply fantastic. Best of all, he looks like himself. He has his old expression back and he is so clean.....How did you do it? You are really good.   I will write you a glowing report for your website-nothing but great praise which you richly deserve for being such a great doc.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. George is a very cherished family member and we are charmed to have him home.   With Much Affection and Thanks, Thanks Thanks , A. Callaway"
This little guy was attacked by a some dogs.  His nose/muzzle was torn off, he had no ears, there was only 1/4 of his arm left and he was missing a foot as well.  He needed reconstruction, new paw pads, etc.
Before Surgery....    
                                           After surgery....
C2089before.JPG        c2089after.JPG
He felt much better after surgery!
"My bear just arrived about five minutes ago, and I had to send you a quick thank you.  He probably looks better than he did before the dogs attacked him.  Thank you so much.  I can not wait to show my mother.  Her mother game him to me when I was born in 1964.  I can not thank you enough!"  M. Mackey Kingston, NY
This is "Samantha".  She was in an accident where she was receiving a lot of love and her arm was torn from 1/4 way down the arm and it was completely detached.
C1771bef              C1771before
            Samantha "Before"
C1771after        C1771aft
        Samantha "After Surgery"
"Hanna, Your work is nothing less than magnificent!!!!  You are truly the teddy doctor.  Thanks so much for what you do, I will spread the word."  C. Sacco, Massapequa Park, New York
This is "Doggie" who was in a terrible accident with his two real live Labrador family members!  He was severely injured during the mauling and lets just say the "real" dogs are in better shape then when he came in to the hospital!
t~C1158BEF1.JPGt~C1158BEFORE.JPGt~c1158bef2.JPG t~C1158BEF.JPG  
But alas! There is hope since Dog Maulings are my specialty!
" Dr. Hanna, Thank you for fixing him so incredibly well!  He looks perfect and my son was thrilled.  It was worth every cent!" K. Stone, Connecticut
This is "AGGIE" from Vancouver Washington!  She got attacked by the family dog.  We see this alot in the Teddy Hospital unfortunately!  She also needed a new "AG Bear" Voice box so she can talk again!  Her poor nose was chewed mercifully!
"BEFORE" Surgery                                         "AFTER" Surgery                                                                              (Photo courtesy of my customer)
t~c1132before_001      t~Aggie-Th
"I recently went through the trauma of having my life long companion, my teddy bear Aggie, get her nose chewed off by my puppy as well as being drug through the mud.  My dad, as wonderful as he is, decided to sneak around behind my back and send my beloved bear to you guys.  Needless to say, I cried when I got my bear in the mail today, finding him fully restored, with a new voice box transplant and everything!  I am overjoyed and highly impressed with the quality of you guys' work.  Thank you so much for everything!  I'm going to keep her hospital bracelet on as a reminder that no matter what happens to her, she will always have a place to go to be taken care of.  Not that I'll ever let her out of my sight again for anything TO happen!  Thank you sooooo much!" K. Frye, Vancouver
Lawnmower accident !  Help Boo Boo Kitty! PLEASE!  He is from Indiana and had an accident! This was one of my most challenging patients this year!  Boo Boo Kitty was accidentally run over by the lawnmower.  But there is hope!  See below!  I know it looks bad.  His body was shredded, His eye was missing, he had grass stains...his stuffing was chewed up and he was feeling really awful!
BEFORE Surgery
Here is Boo Boo Kitty AFTER surgery.  He felt so much better!! He was cleaned up,  all his body was put back together...and I put a new eye in for him.  He was back to being hugged!  I told you there was hope!
_tC1014AFTER_tC1014AFT2_tC1014AFT1 _tC1014AFT
"Thank you so much for your services.  You were truly a godsend as you can see by the sparkle in my son's eyes. (they sent me a photo)  We had just opened the package and he was dancing around yelling "Yay! Boo Boo Kitty!" I know we couldn't have done it without you.  Keep up the good work."  J. Garlits & Family pawbar Here is an example of a "re-furring" patient or what I call "getting a new winter coat". You must be absolutely sure you want this process done, as it is a very long surgery and very detailed work.   His father wanted him to be restuffed with new excelsior stuffing as well as totally recovered in new mohair fur and a new growler put in.  ILU is from Virginia! The process is a long one, surgery is extensive, but ILU loved his new coat!
ILU Before Surgery _tc912before_tc912bef1_tc912bef2
ILU After Surgery He now has a new fur coat over top of his old one which includes new paw pads. His heart and soul is still inside as well as a new growler so he can speak again. As you can see he looks like he gained some weight.  But this is the fur that added more "umph" to his balding fur that he once had.  He loved it and I loved helping him feel better!
"I got him yesterday and he is beautiful!! I can not wait to give him to my wife. I really appreciate your special attention to my situation, it means so much!! Feel free to call on me to comment for your benefit at any time."  B. Lawson pawbar *****OLDEST TEDDY GETS REJUVINATED*****
This is "Teddy" and he is 104 years old.  He was the oldest Teddy I have received at the hospital. As you can see he needed his eyes fixed and nose restitched and he couldn't hear out of his right side.   He also needed a bath, and some stuffing and paw pads for all his paws.
Before Surgery _tC742BEF_tC742BEFORE
After Surgery _tC742AFTE_tC742AFTER_tC742AFT2_tC742AFT
After surgery he felt wonderful!  He was able to see, eat and hear again! "My Dad is so proud of him and he has a place of honor along with the bear you sent. Thank you so much for making this happen!" M. Pauley (Coleman)
pawbar *****This our Dog Mauling case for the Year!  It was quite extensive.*****
Here is Teddy & Teddy.  They both were attacked by a family dog.  The first one was torn to shreds in the body, but the head was in good shape.  The second bear was attacked in the face and head but the body was in good shape.  Teddy #1 was like putting a puzzle back together.  I had faith that it could be done!
_tC744BEFORE1_tC744BEFORE2_tC744BEFOR1  (Teddy #1)                                (Teddy #2) "Before Surgery"
_tC744AFTER1_tC744AFTER11_tC744AFTER2_tC744AFTER22 "After Surgery"
Boy did they feel so much better!  They can now be hugged for years to come! "I just want to say thank you and tell you how great they look! You did a wonderful job!" K. Loden
Take a look at Spaulding and Teddy's Blog at http://spauldingtbear.bravejournal.com/entry/11935 and read their account of their stay at the teddy hospital under Dr. Hanna's care.
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