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Hanna Bruce Bears Shipping
Mailing and Contact Information

Teddy Doctor/Owner:

Phone Number:

    Toll Free USA : 1-877-7BEAR MD  (877-723-2763)        

Main Shipping  Address:

Hanna Bruce Bears & Teddy Hospital®
Reno, Nevada 89503

Note: Our Shipping address is a box at the UPS Store in Reno, Nevada.

We have all our patients come here in order to make sure they arrive safely
and the package is signed for.
We wouldn’t want to be out of the office when your patient comes and your box sitting outside.
Therefore we have all our patients shipped to our box at the UPS Store for their safety!

Please note:  We do not offer a drop-off/pick-up service at our hospital.
  We ship using the following services: ups

We also ship using the following services for delivery to apartments or rural areas:

Express Mail & Fed Ex is also available.